Oprah winfrey leadership analysis | Operations Management homework help

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September 4, 2021
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Oprah winfrey leadership analysis | Operations Management homework help


Write at least 5 full pages (typed, double-spaced in essay form) selecting a public figure in a leadership position and why you feel that this person is successful based upon what we have discussed regarding management principles. The person that you select should be someone that you can find a great deal of information about; please do not choose someone that I cannot research, for example your employer or a family member. You should explore this person in depth. Please make sure you provide at least 5 references from business periodicals or academic journals and include these sources on a separate work cited page. If you use information from an outside source without proper citation, you will receive a grade of zero for this paper. You will be graded both on content and writing mechanics.

The person I will be selecting is Oprah Winfrey, this is not a biography. Just discuss why she is a leader and what has she done to be successful and respectful. 

here are some links that can be helpful, feel free to use other information you may find about oprah winfrey. 



8 Oprah Winfrey Leadership Style Secrets

attached are what we have learned about principles of management. please use attachments also. 

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