Organizational Performance Management Paper – Custom Writings

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September 16, 2020
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September 16, 2020

Organizational Performance Management Paper – Custom Writings

Organizational Performance Management Paper
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Each Learning Team member must select a different type of health care organization to study for the purpose of this group assignment. Group members compare their chosen organizations to complete the table.Complete the Organizational Performance Management Table.
Consider the following:
The main regulatory and accreditation standards that apply to each type of organization and standards that apply broadly to most or all types of health care organizations
The organization type is Doctor’s Office
The influence of regulatory and accreditation standards on performance-management systems
How the performance-management systems affect risk and quality management in each type of organization
Key areas in the organization that will have direct responsibility for carrying out the day-to-day responsibilities associated with the regulations or standards
Other areas in the organization that will be indirectly affected by the regulations or standards
What oversight activities you could use to ensure that the regulatory and accreditation requirements are being implemented and are achieving the desired results


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