BISM-2600: Chapter 1: Welcome to the Cloud
January 14, 2020
Exam Topics for Chapters 1 and 2
January 14, 2020

Paper 3 Submission

In a 57 page paper (12501750 words),(with the chosen topic 3 an ethical dilemma )choose and analyze an ethical decision situation within the criminal justice system that you think needs to be addressed. For instance, a judge might have to release a serious felon based upon technicalities that have arisen in a court case. Although the judge knows this person is guilty based upon impeccable evidence, the law dictates the judge must dismiss the case. What should the judge do? Override the system and invoke their power as a judge to continue the trial? Release the person? These dilemmas arise regularly in police agencies, courts and prisons.

Write an introduction to the issue. You then need to think about who it involves, who it affects, the various models of ethics that may come into play to justify a decision, and ultimately your position on the decision. What would be your decision? How would you decide and why? Write a brief summary of your ethical situation and decision-making process to close the paper. 

Make sure you use citations and references to support any opinions you posit or statements you make.


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