Paper on how to be prepared for a cloud-based incident.

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Paper on how to be prepared for a cloud-based incident.


This assignment will be associated with Legal & Technical Issues in the cloud-based computing environment.  

1. How does being in a cloud-based environment change data forensics techniques in your opinion?  

2. Do legal concerns also change from being in the cloud than being on a local device in your opinion?  

3. If legal aspects change, how does it change associating with the investigation. 

Please do not include step by step on how to proceed with an incident like this or even attempt describe the steps. This is more of a research type of an assignment to be more prepared for a cloud-based incident.  

Please, include at least three references including the following one that can be found at ( 

Please, provide at least two more additional references.


Birk, D., & Wegener, C. (2011, May). Technical issues of forensic investigations in cloud computing environments. In 2011 Sixth IEEE International Workshop on Systematic Approaches to Digital Forensic Engineering (pp. 1-10). IEEE.

Paper requirement:

1. The paper must be written in APA format.

2. Number of references should be at least 3 including the one that can be found in the link in the assignment section. 

3. The length of the paper can be maximum of 3-4 pages.

4. No need of cover page.

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