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July 5, 2020
Week 1 Application
July 5, 2020

paper summary and reflection 1

write minimum 1000 words based on the instructions

Discuss the topics with a local business leader. Shadow this leader for a total of 6 hours over at least 3 separate visits.

Write a summary and reflection about your interactions and observations. Your summary and reflection should address ideas such as these:

  1. What appear to be the terminal and instrumental values that are important to this leader (you may use a values survey instrument to guide a discussion with the leader if you choose to)?
  2. What evidence do you see that the espoused values are important to the leader?
  3. From the leader’s behavior, what values does it appear to you are important to this leader?
  4. What evidence to you see that the leader carries out any of Kouzes and Posner’s five exemplary acts of leadership?
  5. How do the leader’s followers respond to this leader? How does their response correspond to the leader’s values and to his or her carrying out Kouzes and Posner’s five exemplary acts of leadership?
  6. What are your own values and how will they affect how you lead?
  7. What specific actions can you take to implement your values in how you lead?
  8. In what exemplary acts of leadership are you particularly strong or weak? How can you build on the strong ones and what steps can you take to improve on the weaker ones?


  • Your paper should be minimum 1000 words
  • 12 point font
  • APA formatting, including in-text citations, a title page and reference page(s).
  • Minimum of three academic sources.


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