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February 22, 2021
United States University Assisted Living Facilities Intervention Programs Paper
February 22, 2021

PEN-3 module

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Your Task:

Consider the following for this module:

Discuss the imperative for cultural competence in health care and culturally sensitive health intervention. How does self-awareness influence cultural competence? What factors should be considered when designing a health promotion program (e.g., to increase physical activity, reduce smoking, etc.) for your target cultural group? Your responses to these questions should be based firmly upon health behavior and/or health planning theory; a wonderful example of such is Airhihenbuwa’s PEN-3 Model. (Click here for a discussion of the PEN-3 Model.) Keep in mind that this is but one such model, which, incidentally, draws upon accumulated knowledge from the fields of cultural studies and health education.

Here’s an additional article describing an application of the PEN-3 model to a chronic disease:

Please also look up another article that applies to the PEN-3 model as part of scholarly research.

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