personal application of social psych 1

gen499 general education capstone ashford university 1391883 2
September 17, 2020
Describe a policy issue for your selected role specialization. Synthesize knowledge for values theory, ethics, and legal regulatory statutes, and develop a personal philosophy that will map out a policy strategy that uses a high degree of political competence to address the policy issue as an advanced practice nurse.
September 17, 2020

personal application of social psych 1

as a 20 year old Armenian girl who lives in Los Angeles CA how do some social psychology aspects apply to my life follow the rubric.

use terms

social/cultural influences DEFINE

(as Armenians we are a collectivistic culture however my family always pushes me to be more individualistic)

conformity DEFINE

foot in the door techniqueDEFINE

the fundamental attribution error DEFINE

define these words and make up a creative story about a student who is a Armenian. girl inn her twenties living in LA

must be APA format and double spaced 5 pages long

see rubric


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