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June 30, 2020
Conduct an analytical literature review on a topic of your choice related to CSR and sustainable development, and the associated public policy issues and the policy debates.
June 30, 2020

please follow all the requirements 2

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Instructions for this Assignment

I would like to know what’s important to you as you decide what type of job you would like after graduation. What motivates you? Here is a list of 12 factors that you might consider when selecting a job: high pay, good working conditions, friendly and supportive colleagues, flexible working hours, opportunities for growth and new challenges, considerate bosses, inclusion in decisions that affect you, fair and equitable treatment, job security, promotion potential, excellent benefits, freedom and independence. This is not an inclusive list, and you may place more importance on other factors that aren’t mentioned.

Write a paper of the top five factors that will be most important to you when making your career choices and why. Also, please visit:


Select any company from the list of 2019 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For. Research that company and summarize why it is a great place to work. Thinking about the factors that are important to you, tell me whether you would like to work there based on your motivation factors.

Write at least a 500 word paper (Times-New Roman 12 point double-spaced). Remember to cite resources and spelling and grammar counts!


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