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October 18, 2020
Plot the data from the table on a graph similar to Figure 1A.5
October 18, 2020

Portfolium Critique

Examine the work of Charles Gonzalez’s Portfolium (attached) looking at the following elements:

Completeness of Portfolium profile
Correctness (absence of errors such as typos or spelling errors)
Incorporation of quality artifacts
Research on the basics of e-portfolios and importance today of networking sites

***Link to the Portfolium is on the first page of the PDF, if you cannot access the page or the attached projects in the Portfolium, please let me know ASAP


Create a PowerPoint presentation to relay findings. In the presentation you must include the following:

Title slide
Agenda slide
At least four content slides
Reference slide with a minimum of FIVE (5) sources
Questions slide

Detailed speaker notes should be provided in the speaker notes section within the specifc slide, as if these are the words being spoken in presenting that slide.


Organization/Timeliness: Information is presented in a logical and interesting sequence and is easy to follow and submitted on time.

Content: Content indicates a high level of critical thinking, solid research, excellent citations, accurate data, and supports conclusions.

Mechanics: Presentation has very few or no mechanical errors (spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure)

Appearance/Use of PowerPoint: PowerPoint is attractive, professional and enhances the subject presented. Special effects used throughout.


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