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February 21, 2021
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February 21, 2021

POS systems assignment

I already choose the positouch

this is link you can see it:

Research a POS Company that you have chosen from the list above. Choose one that would work for a small bistro type restaurant establishment with 50 seats.

1. In a zoom presentation (aproximately 10 slides), explain its capabilities, its pros and cons and most importantly the cost?

2. Is it a flat cost or does it have a monthly service cost associated with it?

3. Why did you choose it?

4. Is it cloud based or not?

5. How long do you thing it will take you to recoup this investment?

6. Also any thoughts on what the company’s return will be? What will be better or easier if anything?

7. How would implementing a new POS or your first POS System be a cost saving move?


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