Pragmatism Public Policy business and finance homework help

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April 9, 2021
How do patient expectations, technology trends, politics, and other shifts in the internal and external environment impact the strategic plans of a health care organization?
April 9, 2021

Pragmatism Public Policy business and finance homework help

Question 1 – Pragmatism

Anderson (1988) argued “Pragmatism, properly understood, is neither a technique of neutral problem solving nor the mere contrivance of compromise” (p. 457).  Explain how entrepreneurial policy makers can incorporate pragmatism practices into their public policy research.

Question 2 – Keynesian Theory

Keynesian economists would suggest that, during a recession, the government should use stimulus efforts to help support the economy during that recession.  Later, after the recession, Keynesian theory would suggest reducing government spending during a productive economy.  Austerity measures, during a recession, operate on the opposite perspective from Keynesian theory in that Austerity promotes the reduction of government spending, and government deficits, in economic downturns.  Read the following article and watch the following video. Explain which perspective, Keynesian or Austerity, is better

 policy for government during a recession.

•  Harvey, J.T. (2013, May 1). Austerity leads to…austerity! Forbes. Retrieved from

•  Forbes. (2012, February 13). Risk on, austerity wins in Greece [Video file]. Retrieved from  


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