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February 11, 2021
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February 11, 2021
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Press releases and Backgrounders

Task 1: Press releases and Backgrounders

In order to complete this task:

  • Watch the entire Lynda.com press release tutorial.
  • Read this article explaining backgrounders from About.
  • Look over this corporate backgrounder example from scribd.
  • Review this CBS article about writing press releases.
  • Review another sample press release from freelancewrite.
  • Write a short press release and backgrounder about yourself.

For this task you will learn all that you can about basic press releases and basic backgrounders. These documents are parts of a press kit that would be sent out to members of the press, news outlets, and other platforms that might share the news that the press kit writers provide for them. Watching all of the video assets and reading all of the articles will help you better understand what a press kit looks like in it’s final form.

Basic press release: This is the document in the media kit that is delivering the newsworthy event to the news outlets so they can decide whether to report on it or not. Companies promote their accomplishments and explain their mistakes using press releases.

Basic backgrounder: This is a document that gives background information on the company, organization, brand, or individual releasing the media kit to the news outlets. This helps news outlets tell a deeper story beyond just the basic newsworthy event that was being shared with the media kit.

Using what you learn from these resources and your own research, write a short press release and backgrounder announcing an event in your life that is from your past, present or possible future. Did you really save a cat in a tree when you were 10? Do you plan on winning the lotto when you are 50? Are you launching a real new business next week? Want to prepare your MCCert graduation announcement? These are great examples of what you might write a press release and backgrounder about. These documents can be either fictional or true.

Write the documents as if they are announcing this real or imagined life event to media outlets, so it can be shared on their different platforms. Compose each document separately on its own Google document. Be sure these links are set to public viewing.

Finally, on the discussion board, post two links, one to each of the two documents you create for this activtiy. There is no word count on this task but you are required to use one of the proper formats described in the links above. The goal is to practice writing a basic backgrounder and press release in preparation for next week’s project.

Task 2: Media Messaging Analysis

In order to successfully complete this written analysis:

  • Learn about Burma Shave on Wikipedia.
  • Watch this Burma Shave video.
  • Explore the Burma Shave campaign further.
  • Watch this Dollar Shave Club video.
  • Read this article about the Dollar Shave Club campaign.
  • Write your response to the prompts below.
  • Post your edited draft in this discussion board.

Using what you learned about the two media campaigns, address the following prompts in the form of a written analysis in the discussion board below:

  • Compare and contrast the two media campaigns from a historicalperspective. How are they alike? How are they different?
  • How did each campaign reach its target audience? Why was this so effective at the time?
  • Based on your research, which media campaign was the most groundbreaking for its time? Why?

Please remember to use a professional writing style and try to remain as objective as possible. Your responses should be based on information you discovered while researching the articles and resources. Cite at least three sources you used while researching this material. The word count of 300-500 words must be adhered to and show that you are able to research a topic and use your findings to back up what you write.


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