What are the different tools and resources (ex: SWOT Analysis, PEST Analysis, Ries & Trout’s Marketing Warfare Strategies) that can be used to improve the image of a healthcare organization? Describe how you would implement or use these resources to benefit the company.
October 12, 2020
Short discussion/ foreign exchange
October 12, 2020

project paper 38

Criteria for this Assignment (Part 1) • Select an asset (along with its sub-components or ancillary systems if needed) and complete a paragraph for each of the six boxes listed above. Provide detail for your asset and any needed additional information for the asset. Be sure to include an introduction and a summary paragraph as well. • This written assignment should be 600 – 900 words. Must be a minimum of 600. • You must provide at least four unique scholarly references for this assignment • APA formatting and in-text citations required and this must be written at a scholarly level and will be submitted through SafeAssign Criteria for this Assignment (Part 2) • Create a PowerPoint Presentation outlining the six steps above from your Threat Modeling written assignment. You should have slides for Title (name and class), Introduction (Overview and purpose), the 6 slides for each threat modeling step, a summary slide, and finally a reference slide. Provide detail for each slide and limit the slides to 15 total.


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