Define the term and give 2 clear examples. 1. Gender Communication 2. Sex 3. Gender 4. Feminism 5. Haptic Add a page break before beginning the Essay section. Essays (20 possible pts each) Write one single-spaced page answer for each essay. Use APA citations where appropriate. Support your examples with your own real-life observations and experiences. Be descriptive, using specific details, so that it is clear how the examples support your answer. You are also required to clearly state ideas from the course readings and cite the sources. Include the number of the essay question before each essay and add a page break between each. 1. How is gender socially constructed?
September 15, 2021
September 15, 2021
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psy 340 quiz

due  in 1 hour nedd answer to this question in your own word  100% orginal


  1. What makes a behavior hereditary? What factors influence the heritability of behaviors?


 must be at least 60 word count


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