hca has managed care improve patient health
June 13, 2021
what were these forces and how did they contribute to the outbreak of wwi 1
June 13, 2021
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question from reading 1

Don’t copy the answer directly from the reading. Use your own largesse.

Answer each question in its entirety and get every point.

Question 1

[long form answer]

In a few paragraphs, define and discuss three critical terms: progress, assemblage, and precarity as they apply,—via Tsing’s analysis—first to the construction and application of capitalism, and then, to the matsutake mushroom economy. You may use the text for reference, but remember not to plagiarize directly.

Question 2

How did “contamination” and “collaboration” both “destroy” Oregon’s forests, while also making them the ideal habitat for matsutake mushroom growing / harvesting? Please discuss in a few paragraphs.


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