Rasmussen College Disclaimer Chrysler Merger Problem Research

ALLH12006 Evidence-Based Practice for Allied Health
October 18, 2020
RISK MANAGEMENT/THERAPEUTIC CO MMUNICATION WITH THE ANGRY PATIENT”.This video demonstrates the interaction between a nurse and a client (Carla) who is currently distressed.
October 18, 2020

Rasmussen College Disclaimer Chrysler Merger Problem Research

On January 11, 2001, the New York Times wrote, “The company’s Chrysler division, which lost United States market share in 2000 to foreign competitors because of its aging products, is expected to post a loss of $1.25 billion in the fourth quarter after a third-quarter loss of $512 million.”

Source: New York Times

Based on your own research, how has each organization’s and each country’s cultural factors led to the low performance in the Chrysler division? How have their actions resulted in dissolution of the merger? How do you think Daimler’s HRL could have done a better job of conducting due diligence about the two companies’ cultural differences across Atlantic to make sure each division was successful?


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