read the one page given scenario and answer the 5 questions

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July 1, 2020
Explain the classification and appropriate application for the different types of portable fire protection systems,
July 1, 2020

read the one page given scenario and answer the 5 questions


You are the Project Manager of the Athena contract, an Information Technology (IT) project to build a system to manage human resources (HR) information. The Athena client is a Government agency with more than 8,000 employees They will use Athena to consolidate data from four existing but outdated systems. Once Athena is operational, the existing systems will be turned off. Athena is important because the Government employee paychecks, retirement benefits, and training programs depend on the data in Athena. The HR data includes sensitive personal information about the Government employees, so database security is very important. The total project duration is 24 months and the total budget is $6M.

Currently you are 12 months into the Athena contract (half way through the expected duration). You have already completed a Project Charter, baseline set of requirements, and Project Management Plan, and all of these have been approved by the Government client. You maintain a resource loaded schedule based on your Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and you track progress against each WBS task You originally set aside $500.000 as management reserves, and you used S100.000 of that reserve during the first year Based on actual costs to date. the Athena Cost Performance Index (CPI) is 1080 and the Schedule Performance Index (SPI) is 88%.

Your team includes 3 developers (1 senior, 1 mid-level, 1 junior), 1 tester (mid-level), 1 system engineer (junior), 1 data engineer (junior) and a PM (you). Your company uses a matrix organization, so these resources were assigned by the functional teams within your company. You had to adjust twice in the last year when team members were reassigned to other projects or left the company, but the team has been stable for the last four months.

Your team is using an Agile Scrum development methodology. Each 3 month release includes 4 sprints of 3 weeks each The Government has appointed a representative who acts as the product owner and participates in each Release and Sprint planning meeting and Release demonstration You have established a strong relationship with the product owner. and you communicate frequently by phone and email. The Government product owner is an expert in payroll and retirement processing. but knows less about the training requirements.

To meet the project due date. your Athena design includes

MarkLogic, a commercial high-performance data management system Using MarkLogic will save development time by providing core data management features Some of these features are caning in the next MarkLogic release. scheduled in three months. Licenses for MarkLogic are estimated at $30.000 for the production system There is no charge for development licenses. To support the sale, MarkLogic has agreed to provide 160 hours of engineering support at no charge You haven’t used any of these hours yet.

Athena runs in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. AWS costs per month have averaged 510.000. but they are increasing as development progresses You budgeted $250,000 for AWS costs for the whole contract period. Provide your written responses to these questions Describe your analysis and include evidence from the scenario to support your conclusions Be thorough and explain your rationale for any proposed actions or recommendations

1. Evaluate the risks in the Athena project Identify the top three risks to the program For each describe the type of risk and potential impact to Athena Define your risk management approach, and provide a detailed action plan

2. Evaluate the current Earned Value Analysis for Athena. Provide your view on the overall project outlook — will you finish on time and within budget? Describe three actions you will take to improve the probability that the protect completes within the planned schedule and cost.

3. As additional software components are developed and integrated the number of bugs found in system testing is increasing What steps can you take to address this? Describe three actions and how you would implement them

4. the client tells you that one of the four existing HR systems is failing and they need to accelerate the Athena delivery date. They ask you to shorten the schedule by three months – delivering nine months from today

  • What changes would you recommend to achieve the new schedule?
  • How does the new schedule affect the project risks?
  • How does the new schedule affect the project team? Would you recommend any changes to the teem composition?

5. You are asked to present a status update on Athena to your company’s senior leadership. They are not familiar with the project or your progress to date. Format is a PowerPoint presentation. Define the top six items you will include in the presentation to give the best view into Athena status. Put them in priority order (most important to least important). For each item, provide:

  • What it is important
  • Where you get the information
  • Your assessment of the current Athena status relative to this item


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