what total number chromatids replication
November 22, 2020
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Pathophysiology disease Discussion
November 22, 2020

reading summary 11

Please Read the attachment and then do the following:

1) Begin with a full reference citation of the selection.

2) Note the core essence of the text; give brief description of key terms and ideas. At least, you should be able to state “this is what was argued, discussed, presented.”

3) Then, state “how” the idea of what was presented was discerned; that is, be brief about the research, data, information that was the focus. If this is a research selection, this is where you state the methodology. If not, what was the basis for the idea? Or, why was it written?

4) Indicate what was learned by the author(s) – the findings – in terms of new/additional information or data that resulted. Identify what the author has learned or is advocating.

5) What is the author’s conclusion?

You are not critiquing the piece, just presenting what is there and what information one may find there.


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