employment what are the consequences of resume discrimination where employers make assumptions about and discriminate against people of color based on their names
June 29, 2020
Effective Global Leadership Servant, authentic, and ethical leadership models have been successful..
June 29, 2020

Reducing Malpractice Claims

You are the risk manager of a hospital and have been asked to make a speech to doctors and nurses about how to prevent malpractice claims.

For your initial post, draft a short speech outlining the most important guidelines and best practices for healthcare providers to limit medical mistakes and reduce potential liability. Provide specific steps they can take to protect themselves and the organization from malpractice and other kinds of claims against providers. If you use resources in your speech, remember to cite them according to APA guidelines.

In your response to your peers, consider whether you agree with the guidelines they considered to be most important. Explain why or why not.


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