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January 11, 2020
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Reporting Requirements

Penny is a HIM Director at a small community hospital. She has the responsibility for providing any accountings of disclosures requested by patients under the HIPAA Privacy Regulations. First, she has to determine what items are required reporting under the laws and regulations of her state. She finds that the following items must be reported and determines which hospital departments are responsible for the reporting. Her results are shown in the list below. (Note: list contains the items in the following format: Items to be reported: Responsible Hospital department.)

Study the list to determine if the hospitals reporting practices are correct and law abiding. Report your findings, and offer other alternatives for meeting the reporting requirements that are deficient.

Births, fetal deaths: Labor and delivery
Deaths: HIM Department
Child or Elder Abuse: Social Services
Notifiable Diseases: Infectious Disease
Statewide Cancer Registry: Cancer Registry
Trauma: Trauma Registry
Medical Examiners Cases: Risk Management
Use APA formatting guidelines to properly cite any references used in your post.


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