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April 9, 2021
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Hi Class,

Let’s take a look at what you learned in the course. It’s in looking back on your educational journey that you truly take a moment to reflect on all you have learned and the knowledge gained from the course. Ideally, you will put the concepts right into practice in your job or career!

This assignment has you reflecting back on the past 13 weeks capturing your key learning moments.

For each week 1-13, complete a three paragraph summary that indicates the following:

1) Three things you learned from the week’s lesson.

2) Why each one is important?

3) How you would use them or how would a business use them?

Title page, APA Prepared, paragraph form. Use Week 1 as the subtitle, Week 2, etc. As you list your first concept you learned, you would follow that with the “why it is important” and “how you would use it” before going on to the second concept you learned. Minimul three concepts learned per week.

Ok for week 1 which is use as a subtitle :-

The use of Bl by Nationwide Insurance

Why did Nationwide need an enterprise-wide data warehouse?

Before the implementation of the enterprise-wide data warehouse, the Nationwide Insurance had a decentralized architecture for its business units that were supported by “stove-pipe” data environments. This approach led to many troubles like data redundancy and high expenses caused by duplicated efforts to run different data processing environments. These troubles got more complicated when the company decided to undertake mergers and acquisitions. Nonetheless, after the implementation of the enterprise data warehouse, these troubles were mitigated by reducing the costs of redundant processes and environments.

Furthermore, the better architecture attained after the implementation of the enterprise data warehouse allowed the company to use information more effectively to support business strategies and decisions. This was accomplished through the analytics best-practices applied over the brand-new data environment. Decision making support is one of the main contexts where enterprise architectures can deliver benefits (Boucharas et al, 2010). Other context elements include organizational design, project portfolio management, regulatory compliance, systems development, risk management, and IT Costs reduction.

How did integrated data drive the business value?

Data integration provides different kinds of business value. First, the data warehouse or other types of enterprise architectures would not exist without data integration (Russom, 2011). Second, the 3 percent annual growth in incremental sales experienced by Nationwide was explained by the use of the Customer Knowledge Store, which is a data integration tool based upon the integration of customer, product and externally acquired data into a single data mart to achieve a 360-degree view of customers. Third, business integration along with process standardization through shared data requires data to be integrated. Fourth, real-time information delivery requires integrated data that can operate in real-time or without so much delay. It was also described in this case how data integration produced time savings on reporting processes by 20 to 30 percent. Fifth, related practices to data integration such as data quality or master data management can add value to data, increasing the value of business processes. And finally, data integration helped the company in performing what-if analyses that allowed them to benefit its policyholder after a merger with another company.

What forms of analytics are employed at Nationwide?

  • 1)Descriptive analytics:
  • 2)Predictive analytics:
  • 3)Prescriptive analytics

This form of analytics refers to those analytic tools and techniques that describe the current state of the company. For example, the Financial Performance Management Initiative that standardized financial reports or the Revenue Connection that allowed an enhanced visualization of the company’s sales and policy information for its sales agents.

All the analytic techniques and tools that aim to predict the future outcome of a process are included in this classification. In the case of the Nationwide Insurance, predictive analyses were performed on the data of the company and its merger, Allied Insurance after centralization of the source systems of both.

Nationwide could improve its customer service by the implementation of the Customer Knowledge Store, which served to create effective customer marketing campaigns through behavioral analyses of customer interactions. Analytic techniques and tools that provide solutions for specific problems that require a great extent of customization conform to what is known as prescriptive analytics.

4. With integrated data available in an enterprise data warehouse, what other applications could Nationwide potentially develop?

Other applications that Nationwide could potentially develop include:

  • An application that could determine the likelihood of transactions to be fraudulent to detect and prevent fraud-related costs.
  • An application that could give the company the possibility of making individual business interaction decisions based on the overall profitability of the customer.
  • An application that could help the company to minimize the loss of high-value customers and let go of lower-value customers.


Boucharas, V., van Steenbergen, M., Jansen, S., & Brinkkemper, S. (2010). The Contribution of Enterprise Architecture to the Achievement of Organizational Goals: Establishing the Enterprise Architecture Benefits Framework. Utrecht: University of Utrecht, Department of Information and Computing Sciences.

Russom, P. (18 de May de 2011). Ten Ways Data Integration Provides Business Value.Recuperado el August de 2019, de TWDI:…

Turban, Efraim. Business Intelligence and Analytics: Systems for Decision Support. 10th ed. Boston: Pearson, 2015.

This book is for business intelligence course

Turban, Efraim. Business Intelligence and Analytics: Systems for Decision Support. 10th ed. Boston: Pearson, 2015.

Pleaes provide abstract body , conclusion and reference also for this APA paper 🙂


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