Research Paper-Glaucoma-APA Format

Library Assignment(CINAHL& Medline Search & APA Citation) –Objective:  Identify appropriate methods of utilizing selected library database systems.The purpose of the library assignment is (1) to learn to use CINAHL & Medline and (2) to become familiar with APA citation format.You will visit the CFK Library to learn to use CINAHL and Medline databases.  CINAHL is the acronym for Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature.  It is designed specifically to meet the information needs of nurses and allied health professionals.Go to the CFK Library’s homepage to access the electronic version of CINAHL or Medline:Click “Databases A-Z”Scroll down and select CINAHL and then MedlineFollow the directions on the screen to begin searching.For this assignment, you are required to:Conduct a CINAHL and/or Medline search for articles published in the last five years (2016-2021) on a Nursing topic of your choice (GLAUCOMA). Each article must be a minimum of 6 pages.Identify the topic of your search and discuss why you chose this topic. (Introduction)Provide a brief summary of the most important/interesting information from each of the articles that you have located and read. Cite a direct quote and a paraphrased quote in the summary of each of the 4 articles. This section should be at least 4 paragraphs, one for each article (body of the paper).Conclude with a summary to end the paper.Prepare your citations in a reference list of the (four articles) using APA formatA good website providing information on APA Documentation is the APA Formatting and Style Guide is The OWL at Purdue, theyhave a sample paper that is very helpful to look at and we have a reference APA book in the Upper Keys library as well. The library home page gives you additional information as well.Grading Criteria___/50  Conduct CINAHL Search.___/10 Grammar, sentence structure, spelling.___/10 Include 4 references that meet the currency and page limit criteria.___/30 Write a paper that includes an introduction as to why you chose your topic of interest. The body of the paper should include a brief summary of each of the articles you chose. Conclude with a summary to end the paper. APA format must be correctly used for the citations in your paper. You must use at least one direct quote (exactly as written in article) and paraphrased quote (put in your own words) for each of the articles correctly. (turn in all articles with your paper with the quoted areas highlighted in the articles).___/10  APA Citations (Reference page)___/2 Alphabetical___/2 Correct sequence and format (author, date, article title, journal title,                                                volume, number, page)___/2 Journal title italicized___/2 Capitalize only the first word of the article title and of the subtitle___/2 Correct format (parentheses, commas, etc.)Examples:  Sample paper can be found at the Owl at Purdue website or use the APA 7th edition  manual (ask the library staff for assistance).PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS GRAMMAR AND SPELL CHECK ! NO PLAGIARISM


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