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The Major Research Paper is a final project (20 pages of content) where you will select a course topic that may be associated with your proposed dissertation topic. The paper should include a driving research question and literature review. Make sure your focus is related to issues in the field of Organizational Behavior (See listing of possible topics below). Your professor must approve your topic. Your paper should do the following: 1. Identify and define the areas of your study and the fields of theory and research from Organizational Behavior that make up the background of this area. 2. Evaluate the current methods in Organizational Behavior. 3. Identify how the field and current research might help improve the quality and productivity in an organization. 4. Identify how the field and present research might lead to more socially-responsible behavior. 5. Indicate the future direction you believe the area of study should take (i.e., identify unresolved or understudied questions, make suggestion for theory development and possible streams of research) and explain why you think your observations might be true? 6. Identify and analyze major business trends that have or could have a significant impact on your area of concentration. Use current research to support your analysis. Explain if and how answering your research question addresses these trends. 7. Your paper should be from 20-25 pages in length excluding the cover page, tab 

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