GCU Artifact Capstone Portfolio
November 22, 2020
What is the specific role of the cerebrum in the function of the nervous system?
November 22, 2020

Risk Management Plan/ Manual

You are the special events professional for a large convention hotel. You have been hired to develop a
systematized risk management plan and manual that encompasses the events. The previous special events
coordinator failed to do so. Currently, the hotel hosts over 4,500 events per year.
In developing your risk management plan, you will need to use Appendices A-M in the textbook as the basis of
your program. If you want to add additional risk management forms you are free to do so. In the development of
this manual, you will need to state the rationale for using each one of the forms and provide a sample of what it
would look like when complete as a part of the manual. As part of the program, make sure to address the
different departments that will be impacted by the program, as well as the training that will be provided in order
to fully implement your program and manual.

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