Taking Sides: Government’s Role in Regulating Climate Change
January 11, 2020
FAA Laws and Regulations
January 11, 2020

Safety Management

Your final research paper must be at least 12 pages in length, formatted in current APA style, and consist of the following:

A title page (1 page)
Main text (10 pages)
Reference page (1 page)
At least six references:
One reference may be your textbook.
At least two references from peer-reviewed articles.
Remaining references may be technical or other appropriate aeronautical management resources.
The main text headings should include most of the headings below as appropriate:
Description of the Company or Agency (Basically what business are you in)
Operation Description
Equipment or Aircraft
Maintenance Requirements
Managers’ Roles and Responsibilities
Staff Qualifications, Certifications, and Responsibilities
Human Factors
Quality Requirements
Regulations and Laws (Brief overview)
Environmental Responsibilities
Other Management Factors Considered


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