I’m working on a assignment called Upper Extremity Exercise Analysis Chart. and I’m trying to figure out the movement occurring, force causing
September 16, 2020
how does a microarray works. an example of how researchers used a microarray to see differential expression of genes in a particular developmental…
September 16, 2020

scale models

The universe is a big place and we are very small. Take a look at the following video and interactive demonstration and post your thoughts.

Note that these are only scale models of the Size of our Sun and relative size of our solar system. There are a hundred billion Sun-like stars in our Milky way Galaxy, and billions of galaxies in the universe. Discuss.



Type answers in the following format:

‘Thoughts on…

1. Scale of the Universe: [type your thoughts here]

2. Star Size Comparison: [type your thoughts here]

3. Joshworth – If The Moon Were Only 1 Pixel: [type your thoughts here]


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