Science and HealthIntroduction to Epidemiology

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May 26, 2021
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Science and HealthIntroduction to Epidemiology

University of Western SydneySchool of Science and HealthIntroduction to Epidemiology (401076)ASSIGNMENTSCC Session 2, 2018Due date: Thursday 4 octDownload the following paper:Terry P, Lagergren J, Wolk A, Nyrén O: Reflux-inducing dietary factors and risk ofadenocarcinoma of the esophagus and gastric cardia. Nutrition and cancer 2000, 38(2):186-191.Reflect upon the content of the topics we have covered in this course, and critically appraise the article you have selected by answering the following questions. You may use additional source material as you need to. Please use your own words.
The following questions are guide to your essay as these points should be addressed. These are all epidemiological concepts that we covered in the course but you are free to arrange them differently under sub-heading or stick to question answer format if you find it difficult. 1) Overview of the paper you selected.-What is the issue addressed in the paper, is it important novel?- What was the exposure or intervention? -What was the outcome?-What was the study design?-What was the study population?-What were the main findings? Were the authors advise for future direction or about the study implication2) Appraise the internal validity -To what extent can the observed association between the exposure and outcome be attributed to non-causal explanations? Consider the following questions in your critique: -Are the results likely to be affected by biases (selection or mrasutrement) including confounding,-Are the results likely to be affected by chance variation? Are they clearly presented3) Do you believe a causal association between exposure and outcome is plausible? Is the finding within the study consistent – has any interaction or special mechanism was illustrated/suggested4) Appraise the external validity of the finding and the overall quality of the discussion section, -Can the findings be applied to the source population from which the study population was derived? -Can the study results be applied to other relevant populations?ASSIGNMENT formatYour paper should be around 2,500 ±300 words- Please ensure that your assignment complies with the following formatting specifications. Assignments that do not comply with these specifications will not be marked.Format:A single Word document filePage Limits:As indicated for each question (see questions above)Paper Size:Standard A4 (210 x 297mm)Margins:All margins at least 2.0cm.FontAt least 12 point and Times New Roman onlyLine spacing:Must be set to 1.5 line spacing or double.Character spacing: Spacing must be set to normal. Scale must be set to 100%.Web Links:Links to additional information on any website must not be included in your assignmentGraphics: Graphics (pictures, diagrams etc) may be included in the response if contained within the page limits provided.Tables: Tabulated information may be included if contained within the page limits provided.References:APA . Attach references as a separate page at the end of your Assignment. Reference list is not included within page limits. It is recommended to use at least 5 references that are not related to course materials ASSIGNMENT MARKING Refer to Rubric(1) ‘Structure organisation language word limit, style and referencing (10%)(2) ‘Content:Overview – 20%Internal validity – 30%Causality – 20%External validity 20%


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