services/products provided by this organization

Also demonstrate critical thinking skills based on concepts acquired in class in order to voice your
June 30, 2020
impaired nurses 2
June 30, 2020

services/products provided by this organization

In this week’s discussion board we are going to examine how the industry trends that are impacting health care organizations determine the skills and abilities that a health care manager needs to be successful.

For your original post:

Select a health care organization. (the health care organization I have chosen is Visiting Nurse Service of New York)

Explain the services/products provided by this organization

Identify and explain the key health care industry trends that impact the type of organization that you selected.

Explain which management skills you think are most critical to a successful career as a health care manager in your selected organization in light of the services/products that your organization provides AND the industry trends that you identified. The managerial competencies that you should consider include: ethics, organizational design, teamwork, managing resources, planning, decision making, leadership, motivation, change management, and communication.

Requirement: One original post and two reply posts.

Deadline: Saturday, March 30 at 11:59 pm.


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