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January 11, 2020
January 11, 2020

Sociology Academic Goals


Academic Goals

Objectives: Reflect on academic strengths and areas for improvement; identify course specific learning outcomes that you wish to focus on. 

Answer each of the following questions (a minimum of 100 words for each question):

Note: Please consider very general academic skills for questions 1 & 2. Some skills that you might consider include: reading, test-taking, persistence, writing, seeking additional information, critical thinking, time management etc.

1. Identify one academic skill at which you excel. How do you think you developed this academic skill? 

2. Identify one academic skill that you would like to improve this quarter. Why did you choose this skill? Identify at least one strategy that you could use to develop this particular skill this quarter. 

3. Review the course learning outcomes found on the syllabus. Identify 2-3 course specific outcomes (from the bulleted lists) that you hope to focus on this quarter. 

Note: Do not select college wide learning outcomes such as Think critically, creatively and reflectively (the entire college is working on those). Rather, select from the bulleted course specific learning outcomes found underneath the college wide learning outcomes (e.g. Demonstrate ability to find and evaluate sociological information in general and scholarly sources with instructor and librarian support). 

Why did you choose these particular outcomes? What actions do you think you will need to take in order to achieve them? 

 See grading rubric below

Grading Rubric







Identifies current strengths and explains   how they were developed.





Identifies at least one area for improvement   and offers concrete steps for improving.





Selects 2-3 course specific   learning outcomes to focus on and indicates why these outcomes are important.








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