Sociology of Religion sociology homework help

In class problem 2
February 1, 2021
A 16-year-old boy arrived at the Emergency Department (ED) after collapsing during a 3-hour practice at summer football camp. The patient had the required physical examination prior to attending the camp, and there were no concerns or physical restrictions documented. He received intravenous (IV) fluids in the ambulance, and is awake upon arrival to the ED. He complains of thirst and dizziness. He has not voided since prior to practice, has dry mucous membranes and tenting. The patient’s pulse is 136 beats per minute, and blood pressure is 88/52 mm Hg. When questioned about the situation leading to his collapse, he states he forgot his water bottle in his room, and was very hot in the required gear. He felt thirsty, but thought he might be seen as weak if he complained to the coach. In your nursing diagnosis book, refer to the NANDA-I definitions for the following nursing diagnoses: Deficient Fluid Volume Risk for Electrolyte Imbalance • Which of the two nursing diagnoses would be the priority for this patient?
February 1, 2021

Sociology of Religion sociology homework help

 Please select two modules from the Lesson 6 focus areas that most interest you and read those, along with the required readings given within those Lesson 6 modules. Citing specific material from the modules (mini-lessons and readings) in terms of concepts we’ve discussed in class, as well as any other credible and authoritative resources you might find, please concisely but insightfully address each of the following issues in at least 3 full pages of text:

  • What module did you find the most interesting in terms of class concepts, and why?
  • How does that module conceptually relate to the second module you read?
  • How do both modules relate to issues currently relevant to the sociology of religion? What similarities do they share? What differences?
  • Why are each of the modules you chose significant to the past, present, or future of religion in America and/or the world today?

The two modules I have selected are attached below.


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