superstorm Sandy health response 500 words due 10.18.2020

 superstorm Sandy health response 500 words due 10.18.2020 

Review the wealth of literature available online (or in journals) for lessons learned from healthcare institutions affected by superstorm Sandy (Oct/Nov 2012), especially those near the New York and New Jersey coasts. You may use the articles below or may search by keyword.

In 500 words essay include at least 5 reference in APA format. 

From the articles gather your thoughts on what could have been done differently, was there enough preparation for what should be done in the case of major downtime? 

What did you learn from these articles?

Several articles appeared on the Healthcare Informatics: Healthcare IT Leadership, Vision, and Strategy website:

“Hospitals Prepared for Hurricane Sandy by Bolstering Infrastructure” (


“Hurricane Sandy: Rethinking Disaster Preparation on Long Island” (



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