Sustainable Agriculture in the Andes

I HAVE ALREADY MADE THE BIBLIOGRAPHY (attached 3 pages long), I would like you to just change it to APA and make the annotated bibliography (4 more pages, which I am paying for).

For your own Annotated Bibliography drafts, you will be asked to complete the following: (1)
locate 10 essential resources you plan on using in your upcoming Research Papers, half of
which must come from academic journals and/or peer-reviewed sources; (2) at the top of
each annotation, first provide the MLA/APA/CMOS bibliographic entry, starting at the left
margin; (3) next, in a new paragraph below, summarize the thesis and major points of your
resource (including any pertinent paraphrased/quoted material) and be sure to mention how
(and approximately where) you plan on employing that resource in the discussion of your
upcoming Research Paper; and (4) be sure that each summary and analysis of the resource
runs at least 75 words in length but caps off below 250 words.

You will be evaluated on several key areas, including the content of your full set of
annotations, each entry’s organization, your overall tone and style, your ability to format your
entries per MLA/APA/CMOS guidelines, as well as your control over punctuation, usage,
mechanics, grammar, and syntax.

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