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September 9, 2021
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September 9, 2021
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technical case study on the 737 max

Hello class,

I made the decision to assign an extra-credit assignment which is regarding the technical case study of the 737 MAX and the accidents it is involved in. This is the opportunity for you to improve your score while learning and writing about one of the biggest scandals in our aerospace industry.

This extra-credit, individual-effort assignment is worth 100 points (or 10% course grade) which requires you to write a 5-page technical essay which answers the following questions:

1/ What happened?

2/ What factors/reasons/loopholes allowed these accidents to happen?

3/ Who are at fault? Who could have prevented the accidents?

4/ If the accidents would have been prevented, why didn’t anyone speak up or do something?

5/ Most important question: as an engineer-in-training, after researching and writing about the 737 MAX case study, what lessons did you learn to do and to NOT do?

I will turn on originality check by Turnitin in your Canvas submission. Therefore, whenever you make quotes or paraphrases, make sure to cite the sources properly.


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