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Technology in the news!

Technology in the news!

In the first writing assignment you will complete a 3 – 5 page paper discussing the following:


Select a technology developed between 1900 and 1920, and then craft a narrative which addresses the following questions:

What is the technology?
What problem does it solve?
Who developed it?
How did this technology influence another technology?
Is this technology, or a subset of this technology in use today?
What are some of the social and cultural effects of the technology?
Did it effect society? Was it positive, negative, neutral?
Did the technology create equal opportunities, or were they unequal in distribution or access?
This writing assignment will begin your exploration of technology, investigating effects, influence, use, and adoption. You are writing a story; a story about the technology. It is not meant to be a scientific paper. It may be written in the first person, as you are describing how “you,” have understood the technology and how it has influenced society, etc.

You should identify a minimum of 3 references for your paper, and they should be properly cited


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