The movie “pather Panchali(1955)”

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January 14, 2020
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January 14, 2020

The movie “pather Panchali(1955)”

for movie “pather panchali ” 1955

Responses should be about 400-500 words. They do not have to be very formal (e.g., you can use “I”), but they should be in paragraphs that relate to one another. You do not need to use time codes for citing examples from the film texts; simply state something like “in the scene in which…” to orient the reader.

If you consult any source other than the film, you must cite it in a bibliography, and your writing must make clear how you used this source. If you used it for background only, simply state that on the bibliography.

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What aspect(s) of society/culture appear powerfully in the film? How does the film reflect on this/these aspect(s)? That is, what does the film teach you or have to say about particular social or cultural conditions or events? Give evidence of specific moments in the film.

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