the scientific study of society sociological definitions of society 2


– I have uploaded the 4 figures below, and discuss how sociological analysis approaches and defines social life by reviewing the Tables and Figures of Application #1.

– Your discussion should have 4 entries (one for each graphic) and two answers for each graphic.


1. What SOCIAL LIFE does each graphic define as society? WHAT IS THE SOCIETY BEING STUDIED?

2. What are the people doing together? What are they refusing to do together?

In your discussion, remember that sociology does not study individuals — we study society such as groups, institutions (schools, school districts, nations), what we term “societies”. As an example, when reviewing graduation rates, the SOCIAL LIFE is education. People are graduating together and the institution is refusing to graduate all of the students. When we see a group graduate at 60% that means 40% is unable to graduate — we never assign cause (blame) to the group. Instead, assign cause to the institution — the school refuses to graduate 40% because the school graduates 60% of the students.

As you review the Figures, remember to only discuss the facts of the Figure — do not attempt to explain why the covariation exists; only describe the SOCIAL LIFE and WHAT the people/institutions are doing together and refusing to do together.


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