This investigation consist of 5 different sections. – custom papers

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June 20, 2021
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June 20, 2021
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This investigation consist of 5 different sections. – custom papers

This investigation consist of 5 different sections.
My historical investigation is based on the following question. To what extent did the role of Israel’s terrorist organizations affect the stability of the British Mandate for Palestine? Please include significant information related to the question the investigation is trying to answer. Narrow your focus of Israel’s terrorist organisation more than Arab-Israeli conflict.
I finished the first three sections, yet i have two more to finish.
D Analysis (500-650) word limit
This section should consist of the following:
• an analysis that breaks down complex issues in order to bring out the essential elements; any underlying assumptions and any interrelationships involved
• an understanding of the issue in its historical context
• a critical examination of the factual material presented in section B
• an awareness of the significance of the sources used, especially those evaluated in section C
• a consideration of different interpretations of evidence, where appropriate.
Information should be correctly and consistently referenced.
E Conclusion (150-200) word limit
This section requires an answer or conclusion to the research question based on the evidence presented.
The conclusion must be clearly stated, consistent with the evidence presented and relevant to the research question.
Please refer to the attached files for necessary information. A sample of work is also attached to help you get a background knowledge on the task.
(refer to the attached file “HL DRAFT” to continue the assignment)


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