an educational program to address gestational diabetes in African american women
October 18, 2020
Can you cite any examples of implicit prejudice, in-group favoritism, or overclaiming of credit from your own work experiences? Business and finance Weekly Discussion help
October 18, 2020

Too Mature, Too Fast?

Discussion Prompt 1

Too Mature, Too Fast?

Some researchers believe that early maturation might make girls
susceptible to premature sexual activity and unwanted pregnancies. Do
you agree? What are some of the possible consequences of the body
maturing more rapidly than the mind for both girls and boys? Support
your reasoning with information from the text and other course

Discussion Prompt 2

Resiliency in Adolescence

What makes some teens more resilient and better able to handle
 adolescent stress than others? Offer an example of a common teen
 stressor, and consider Erik Erikson’s ideas about identity development
 during adolescence, cultural influences, and peer and family
 relationships. Support your reasoning with information from the text
and  other course materials.

Responses should be more that 125 words

—–Complete discussion prompt:

Compare and contrast epidural and subdural hemorrhages.

Response should be more than 4 sentences 


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