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June 29, 2020
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Leadership and management are roles that are intertwined and used interchangeably at times, yet they are distinct. Individuals can be managers but are not leaders and the reverse is true. Management is a title that one receives from an institution with assigned roles and responsibilities whereas leadership can be obtained through influence or self-direction (Whitney, 2018). Management involves the task of governing or overseeing all individuals that have been assigned under their supervision with the aim of managing resources to meet the goals of the organization . Leadership on the other hand governs those who are willing to heed the leaders direction, with an aim of uplifting or building others up and not necessarily focused on the goals of the organization. Finally, management involves the process of the end result whereas leadership is focused on obtaining information and providing updates (Whitney, 2018). Managers are not necessarily good leaders and many individuals with good leadership qualities are not necessarily managers (The Sentinel Watch,2014).

If a manager wishes to meet a particular target as stated by the organization, in order to meet that goal, the initiative is discussed with the staff by the manger. Input is sought from the subordinates in how to achieve the target. In doing so leadership abilities of motivation, empowering staff and providing feedback to staff on level of performance is an example of how both roles overlap.

In order to facilitate change by taking advantage of the overlap of the roles one will have to know how to find a balance with each role. Knowing how to effectively have individuals work together to a common clearly defined goal, being self-aware by knowing one is not always right and being willing to learn from others can go a far way in making change happen. Having worked with many managers who were not leaders but had dictatorial styles, it becomes prudent to recognize the need for balancing both roles.


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