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training evaluation 3


The purpose of unit assignments is to broaden your comprehension of the unit material. The unit assignments provide an opportunity for you to explore areas that might benefit your own organization or studies and also help you broaden your exposure to the different elements of training and development.

Unit Learning Outcomes

This assignment will address the following Unit Learning Outcomes:

  • ULO 6.1 Assess the different types of training evaluation and discuss the barriers to evaluation.
  • ULO 6.2 Explain how training evaluation can be quantifiable.
  • UL0 6.5 Evaluate relevant scholarly research and synthesize research to complete required assignments.


Conducting evaluation studies using full experimental designs and sophisticated data collection is almost impossible in real organizations. Some managers argue that training evaluations can provide meaningful conclusions only when conducted using these techniques. They therefore conclude that in most cases training evaluations are a waste of time and money. Debate this conclusion: Is it the case that training evaluations should be conducted only when it is possible to use the more sophisticated procedure? Why do organizational leaders need to see quantifiable results and how can these results be presented in a reliable format? Conduct scholarly research to compose a 2-3 page APA formatted paper that addresses these issues. Review the grading rubric for expectations.


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