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February 11, 2021
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February 11, 2021
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type of program evaluation

There are many types of policy and program evaluations. There are variations in terminology, but the major types of evaluation typically involve the following: a) determining the need and requirement for a program; b) assessing whether a program is working the way it is supposed to work; and c) the impact of the program on the larger environment, both short and long term. For this Discussion, review this week’s Learning Resources and select a case involving physical infrastructure or economic development.

Post by Day 3 a brief description of the project and explain the type of evaluation employed in the case. Explain whether this was a needs assessment, formative, process, or summative (impact) evaluation and why. Describe the type of data used and whether comparisons were employed.

Respond by Day 5 to two colleagues in the following ways:

  • What, in your opinion, was the problem the evaluation was designed to address?
  • Does the type of evaluation depend on the manner in which the problem is defined? Explain.


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