Question 1 0 out of 1.5 points Record the transaction below. The following event took place in the month of May. Assets Liabilities Shareholders’ Equity Common StockRetained Earnings Hot Diggity Dog, Inc., paid $10 of May’s interest on the note payable, plus it paid off the $2,000 note payable. $______ $______ $______ $______ TO RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THE QUESTION, AN ANSWER MUST BE SELECTED FOR EACH COLUMN (ASSETS, LIABILITIES, COMMON STOCK, & RETAINED EARNINGS) EVEN IF THERE IS NO EFFECT. IF THERE IS NO EFFECT, SELECT “0 NO EFFECT.” Question 2 1.5 out of 1.5 points How many of the following line items are on the Statement of Shareholders’ Equity? Supplies Expense Beginning Retained Earnings Notes Payable Dividends Common Stock Issued Proceeds from Loans Question 3 1.5 out of 1.5 points What is the effect on total shareholders’ equity when a company purchases a cash register for a cash payment of $1,200? Question 4 0.5 out of 1.5 points Identify what a company gives and gets when it invests in equipment by paying cash and signing a two-year note. (Select all that apply.) Question 5 1.5 out of 1.5 points Which of the following will result in a decrease to assets and shareholders’ equity? (Select all that apply.) Question 6 0 out of 1.5 points Indicate whether each activity for Anudu Hair Salon would be classified as an operating, investing, or financing activity. Question 7 1.5 out of 1.5 points Record the transaction below. Assets Liabilities Shareholders’ Equity Jim’s Jambs, Inc., recorded $150 of depreciation on its equipment for the month. $______ $______ $______ TO RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THE QUESTION, AN ANSWER MUST BE SELECTED FOR EACH COLUMN (ASSETS, LIABILITIES, SHAREHOLDERS’ EQUITY) EVEN IF THERE IS NO EFFECT. IF THERE IS NO EFFECT, SELECT “0 NO EFFECT.” Question 8 0 out of 1.5 points During its first month of business, Purses, Inc., purchased 5 purses at $50 each and sold 3 purses for $80 each. Purses’ Inventory balance on the balance sheet at the end of the month equals $______. Question 9 0 out of 1.5 points Lawn & Order borrowed cash from a bank by issuing a $10,000 promissory note. The effect on Lawn & Order’s accounting equation is as follows: Question 10 0 out of 1.5 points At December 31, Year 1, Lord of the Fries, Inc.’s assets were $60,000 and liabilities were $40,000. At December 31, Year 2, its assets are $110,000 and liabilities are $50,000. During the year, it did not issue new stock and did not declare or pay dividends. Calculate net income for Year 2. Question 11 1.5 out of 1.5 points Purses, Inc., sold 8 purses that cost $40 each to its customers for a price of $80 each. The Gross Profit amount on the income statement will equal $______. Do not include $ in your answer. Question 12 1.5 out of 1.5 points If a company’s total assets equals $80,000 and its shareholders’ equity equals $20,000, then its liabilities must equal $______. Question 13 0 out of 1.5 points How many of the following accounts are found on the Balance Sheet? Supplies Expense Retained Earnings Notes Payable Depreciation Expense Common Stock Equipment Question 14 1.5 out of 1.5 points Classify the Balance Sheet accounts listed below as an Asset, Liability, or Shareholders’ Equity. Question 15 0 out of 1.5 points Determine the missing amounts. December 31 Cash $ 14,000 Accounts Payable $ 4,000 Accounts Receivable 13,000 Notes Payable 10,000 Inventory 1. ___?___ Common Stock 47,000 Buildings (net of accumulated depreciation) 20,000 Retained Earnings 5,000 Total Assets $____ Total Liabilities and Shareholders’Equity $66,000 After determining the missing amounts ($______) in the above Balance Sheet, calculate and type in the December 31 amount of Inventory 1.____?_____. Question 16 0 out of 1.5 points The balance sheet reports the ______. Question 17 0 out of 1.5 points Match the financial statement that reports each of the following. Question 18 1.5 out of 1.5 points Whistler Company had retained earnings of $472,000 at the end of Year 1. During Year 2, Whistler had net income of $100,000. Retained earnings were $485,000 at December 31, Year 2. The amount of dividends for Year 2 must have been: Question 19 1.5 out of 1.5 points Cycle Path, Inc., sold 100 bikes to its customers at $400 each. The bikes cost $250. The entry to record this sale includes a ______. (Select all that apply.) Question 20 1.5 out of 1.5 points Which financial statement reports how much cash was collected from customers?
July 12, 2019
Conceptual models, theories, and empirical indicators are linked and provide a nursing knowledge system to apply the model or theory to nursing practice, research, and education
July 12, 2019

Unit Questions – Modernism

Choose four of the following questions and write a 150-350 word response to each question (points deducted for not meeting word count requirements). Include the question at the top of your response. Put all responses into one document – in other words don’t submit the assignment multiple times, once for each response. Remember – you MUST put information in your own words (this includes information from your text book and online sources) or it is considered plagiarism and you will receive a score of 1 on the assignment.


1. It is often said that tradition, like history, is continually being recreated and remodeled. To what extent did writers, painters, and composers of the early twentieth century deliberately break with tradition? How did they accomplish that goal?

2. Do you agree that creative expression at the beginning of the twentieth century represents the “dehumanization of art”? Why or why not?

3. In what ways does Picasso’s Guernica constitute a universal indictment of war when the painting itself includes no objects that are directly associated with modern warfare?

4. Do you agree or disagree that Freud’s psychoanalytic theories influenced ART of the early 20th century? Provide an analysis that includes at least 2 specific examples.

5. Ezra Pound said literature should be “new”. What did he mean? Provide at least 1 example. What influenced his work?

6. How is 20th century music different from 19th century music? What are some characteristics of 20th century music? Provide at least 2 specific examples.

7. What are some artistic innovations of Picasso? Why are these important? Provide at least 2 specific examples.

8. Marcel Duchamp said an artist should be a destroyer of tradition. What did he mean? What is one of his works that displays this idea?

9. On the internet, find a picture of Duchamp’s The Fountain. What do you think of this in terms of being art?

10. You’ll notice in your book there are a lot of “isms” in 20th century art – surrealism, expressionism, dadaism, fauvism, etc., etc. Take a look at these different styles and approaches to art. Which one do you like best? Like least? Explain your answer.


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