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March 3, 2021
i need help my homework tonight please
March 3, 2021


question 1/

Using this information, and the ideas that are generated in the literature that you have reviewed for your research direction, post your thoughts on the Purpose of your Research in a descriptive paragraph, and develop 2-3 research questions that you can utilize as the foundation of your research proposal. We will use this week to further hone the purpose of your study and to develop solid research questions that can be the focus for your proposal. This is key to successful research because if you are not focused from the start, you run the danger of developing unusable research data.

question 2/

From the readings and the material this week, briefly describe the difference between quantitative and qualitative research design.

I have attached 2 PDF , AND one answer from my classmate.

plz remember do one for me and other one for my friend.



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