PSY 105 Assignment 1 Retrospective Analysis Of Personality(USE AS A GUIDE ONLY)
October 13, 2020
discuss how functional patterns help a nurse understand the current and past state of health for a patient using a condition or disease associated with an elimination complexity provide an example
October 13, 2020

video case analysis paper

Video Case Analysis Paper

Each student will write a 2 page Video Case Analysis Paper based on a video case of their choice. Your analysis will include a brief summary of the organizational situation presented in the case, and an extensive discussion of the individual and/or group level variables that are illustrated in the situation presented in the case. While the video case does not have to be set in a business organization, please select a video case that is professional and that focuses one or more organizational behavior issues. You may not use the movie “The Founder” for your video case analysis since we discussed it in class. Aim to keep your summary of the problem/situation described in the movie to no more than one paragraph, leaving about a page and a half for your analysis of the individual and group level variables that explain the behavior of the key players in the video case. You must use three distinct Organizational Behavior concepts and theories in your analysis. The video case analysis is worth 75 points or 15% of the grade. It is due Wednesday March 13th. You will turn it in on Blackboard.


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