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Visual Arts Due Dates Rough Draft

Paper Assignment Intro to Visual Arts Due Dates Rough Draft – October 14 before Midnight worth 25 points ? COMPLETED ROUGH DRAFTS ARE MANDATORY. This enables you to get the best grade possible on your final revision as you will benefit from my suggestions and guidance. Once I receive your rough draft, I will go over it and make suggestions in order for you to improve upon your paper. I will then send it back to you to revise. I will edit your paper using Track Changes, and will place instructions on how to use this editing function in this week’s folder. I will send you your paper to revise for your final draft by Thursday October 18th at the latest. Final Revision – October 21 before Midnight worth 100 points Format Word Doc or Word Doc X only Submit as an attachment through Blackboard Message Save Rough Draft as FirstnamelastnameRoughDraft Save Final Revision as FirstnamelastnameFinalRevision 12 point font, 1” borders, with a space between paragraphs When organizing your paper, follow the order of the instructions, don’t jump around On the first page of your paper include Your name Name of the Class The Date A title. Do not answer questions as a list, rather write in a narrative style, using full sentences, proper grammar and spelling, and logical paragraph transitions. Use paragraphs please! It makes your paper easier to read. Use this four tier method to proofread your paper. ? Is a word underlined in red? Then most likely it is misspelled. Is a word or section underlined in blue- then the grammar might be wrong ? Spell and Grammar check will not catch everything, and misses quite a bit. ? Read over your paper at least twice ? Read your paper out loud to see if it makes sense. ? Get a second pair of eyes to look it over one more time. Be sure to use: ? Proper spelling ? Proper Grammar ? Proper Sentence Structure ? No abbreviations unless they are commonly acceptable such as Mr. Ms., can’t, don’t, etc. Remember this is a paper, you are not texting ? Do capitalize the pronoun “I”, otherwise I will lose my mind. Papers should be no less than 1000 words (about two pages). Do not b.s. to fulfill the word count. It is easy for me to recognize b.s.ing as I was quite a pro at it in my younger years. Papers that are less than the minimum required length will be graded on the % completed. For example if your paper is 800 words, you will start out with an 80 (80% complete) before other deductions. Rough drafts must be complete, submitting a partial rough graft does yourself a disservice, as I cannot provide guidance on the part of your paper that does not exist. All work must be turned in on time, and there is absolutely no reason to plagiarize, as this inform Paper Instructions Part One – 10% – Introduction (approximately 100 words) ? In a paragraph discuss and go into detail why you chose this particular painting to write about. ? Be sure to include the name of the artist, artwork, year it was painted and medium it was created in. When writing the title of a painting, be sure to italicize the title of the artwork, followed by the date and/or medium in regular font. For example “I chose to write about an oil on canvas painting made by Sammy Jones in 2012, entitled Quit touching my elbow, it is so annoying. Part Two – 30 – Description of the Artwork – in no less than three hundred words 1. First describe the image in broad terms. This should require no more than two sentences. For example “This is a painting in which three men are working outside on a bright sunny day building a barn. They are surrounded by fields in which there are trees, bushes and a few cows. “ 2. Now describe the image in full and greater detail, in an ordered logical fashion – don’t jump around, make sure that someone who is not looking at the painting knows what you are talking about. ? Describe the background, middle ground, and foreground of the artwork ? As you describe each of these areas move from left to right ? Tell me what you see, and not what you feel or think. Include in this more detailed description the following type of information: The color, as well as other details pertaining to the way people look, including their hair, clothes, skin, accessories, etc. For example: The man is wearing a red pirate hat with a white feather stuck in the band of it on the right side. His hair is curly, long and black, and his skin is the color of chocolate. He is barefoot, and his long white pants are frayed at the ankles. His shirt is one of those purple puffy shirts with the billowing sleeves, and it is tucked into his pants, and held in place by a thin brown belt. How animal and people’s bodies are positioned, including their heads, torsos, arms and hands. Include the expressions on their faces, and which direction they are looking. Also include what people and animals are doing, such as mowing a lawn, leaning over a crate, pulling a cart, etc. The man in the red pirate hat, is standing with his elbows bent, and his hands on his waist. His chest is puffed out, and his legs are standing wide, with his feet far apart. He is facing left, and is looking up at a bird flying overhead. The expression on his face is one of concern, and he is squinting his eyes to keep the sun out. Where figures and objects are located: ? In the painting ? In relationship to the figures and objects next to them. The man in the red pirate hat is located in the far right corner of the foreground. To his immediate left is a brown barking dog, and behind him to the right is the woman I described who is wearing a black bandana. Do not leave out other details in the artwork such as The sky Rocks Telephone wires Landscape Chairs Hammocks Buildings Cars If it is in the artwork Part Three – 50 % – Basic Formal Elements – No less than 450 words Following the order of this list, discuss the artwork in the following terms, using one example of each unless otherwise noted. Include clear specific descriptive details taken directly from the artwork when discussing these basic elements of art. – Please review these in the chapters to make sure you are expressing them correctly Do Not Generalize! Be very clear and specific. Make sure the person who is reading this is clear on what you are referring to and talking about. Remember to write this in a narrative, paragraph form! 1. Contour line – remember this kind of line creates the illusion of 3d on a 2d surface 2. Outline – remember this kind of line describes a 2d shape. 3. Line of sight 4. Directional line 5. Implied line 6. Whether or not the image uses expressive or analytical line, and your rational for this answer 7. Oblique Projection or One or two point perspective. Try to figure out and describe where the existing lines are that either lead to a vanishing point or vanishing points, or in the case of oblique projection remain parallel. Try to determine and describe where the vanishing point is in the image. 8. Foreshortening 9. Stacking or overlapping 10. Positive and negative space- remember to refer to a relative small area of the painting, and also remember Positive space and negative space must correspond to one another 11. Pattern (if it applies) 12. Texture – visual or actual, and give some examples 13. Examples of the kind of Color Schemes the image uses (it may use more than one) 14. Describe the Way of Using Color the artist has chosen 15. Two Examples each of saturated and desaturated colors 16.Two examples of the Suggestion of time and motion Part 4 on next page Part Four – 20 % No less than 300 words (and no more than 600 words) ? Make up a story about this painting in which you are either the main character or one of the characters in the painting. ? Tell the story in the first person (i.e. I woke up one morning to find my chicken had run away.) ? Use your imagination!! Remember you are making up a story about the artwork, you are not further describing the painting. Rubric is in this week’s folder


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