Which term describes societies where increased job specialization forces members to depend on one another for aspects of their survival? a. organic solidarity c. preindustrial society b. mechanical so
September 16, 2020
Demonstrate ability to compare and contrast the approaches to mental health / illness found in a range of sources .
September 16, 2020

water pollution 2

Write 5 pages about water pollution. I need it to explain about the introduction about water (general information), information about water pollution that is real life problem, how does water pollution effect soil plants and vegetables (how does effect the farmers in their economy), how does the water pollution effect the animals , how does the water pollution effect the weather. at the end write a solution for the water pollution. and any other information that you think can help.

I also need 1 page of bibliography that as 4 research references and 3 quotations that are footnoted in the paper. cite your sources of information.


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