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What Is Nonverbal Communication?


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Answer the following questions in at least 300-400 words in length.


What are the different types of nonverbal communication?

What are the principles of nonverbal communication, and why are they important to understanding?

After completing the Reading, are there any nonverbal cues that you had not thought of before? How about dress, ornamentation, furniture, use of color, space, decorative style?

Are all nonverbal cues (such as emoticons, bold type, underlining, writing in all capitals) appropriate for all electronic communication? Why or why not?

Since the goal of all communication is to share meaningful messages, how can you be sure your intended messages get across in electronic settings such as your classroom?

What do nonverbal cues such as typos, grammar, errors, and poor editing “say” about the writer?

When verbal and nonverbal communication contradict each other in a message, which do you believe? Why?


You may use the following reference: Wood, Julia T. Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters, 7th Edition. Cengage Learning, 2013. VitalSource Bookshelf Online.



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