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September 11, 2021
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September 11, 2021
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what is visionary feminism

This essay is a bit different because you are going to be answering your choice of 2 questions in essay form.

Be sure to number the questions you are answering. I’m hoping for at least three or four thoughtful paragraphs in response to each question that you choose. You can use any of your discussion posts as a place to start if they help you answer the questions.

Answer ONLY two of the following questions in essay form.

1. What is visionary feminism?

2. What role can/should men play in advancing the feminist agenda?

3. How can we all work to end the cycle of violence?

4. What would a feminist masculinity look like?

Give three examples to support your response to each question. One example should be from Feminism is for Everybody, one should be from The Mother of All Questions, and one should be from your own experience:


Feminism is for everybody—Bell Hooks


The Mother of All Questions—Rebecca Solnit


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