This assignment is another opportunity to complete part of your final assignment: the peer review. In thisassignment you will be discussing and visually representing your knowledge of data collection
October 13, 2020
Respond to 2 peer initial posts. replies must contribute to the discussion
October 13, 2020

What Would You Do Differently?

Written Assignment – What Would You Do Differently

Points/Grading Rubric:




Discuss what lead to errors in the video you watched for this assignment

Discuss what lead to errors in the article you read for this assignment

Reflect on how you will practice nursing differently based upon what you have learned.

Grammar, APA and Organization

Your written assignment this week is to reflect on a video and an article. In each tragic case discuss what lead to error in the system. In a paragraph or two reflect on how you might practice differently based on what you have learned in this module.


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