Modue 5 Major Assignment
February 1, 2021
1. Choose one of the theorists from your narrative lesson and discuss how you would provide care to this patient. Be sure to state which theorist you chose in your discussion. Chosen theorist: Jean Watson “Theory of Human Caring” Case Study: You are caring for a 75-year-old male who was admitted for laryngeal cancer and surgery. The patient was transferred from the ICU several days ago. He has a tracheostomy and the tracheostomy collar is in place. He is receiving high-flow oxygen at 8L/min. In shift report, you learn that the patient is alert and oriented to person, time, and place. He is able to feed himself and independently perform most basic activities of daily living. He appears to be anxious and is having difficulty coping with the tracheostomy. He has a large amount of yellow mucus secretions from the tracheostomy, and a specimen has been sent for C&S. He is increasingly resistant to tracheostomy care and suctioning, although the need to deal with the excessive secretions has been explained to him. He expresses in written notes how frustrated he is by his inability to communicate verbally
February 1, 2021

world Cultures 1

Week 6 Discussion Option A


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